Not really the right question, is it? We are all somewhere along the slider.
The real questions should be:
What triggers your fixed mindset? Is it doubt, mood, failure, or something else?
How can you develop the growth mindset habit?

In the world of Agility, embracing a growth mindset is crucial. How can you move yourself along the slider?
It’s not just about being open to learning but also, about actively seeking challenges and seeing your setbacks as opportunities for growth.
Here are a few thoughts to cultivate a growth mindset:
– Embrace Challenges: Choose the challenging path over the safe one.
– Learn from Criticism: Constructive feedback is a gift. Use it to improve and refine your skills. It’s difficult but not impossible!
– Celebrate Effort, Not Just Results: Recognize and reward the hard work. Remember, micro-achievements are a key component of well-being.
– Reflect on Failures: Instead of seeing failures as a reflection of your abilities, view them as valuable learning experiences.

Remember, developing a growth mindset is a journey. Monitor your fixed mindset triggers and work towards shifting your perspective.
What steps are you taking today to foster a growth mindset in your Agile practices?

BTW: I use AI to help me to improve my writing and for the image. Both my writing and drawing skills are on par with my son’s fridge drawings.

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