Scrum Zero to Hero

Scrum is a very specific framework. In terms of agile frameworks, it is regarded as revolutionary,  rather that evolutionary. The manual is 19 pages long and the advise is to follow the book. Too many times, beginners make the mistake of believing that you can take what they want and leave the rest. We have not seen this work in practice. Why dont you google  ShuHaRi to gain insight into what we believe!

if you need a systematic approach to deliver continuously improving Scrum teams, we have a package for you.

We have designed a approach, which begins with training, then coaching and then we just rinse and repeat. We review progress against our comprehensive checklist of good practices. We work with your teams to continuously improve your Scrum practices and the individual level of skills. After approx. ten weeks, your teams will be pros and we will walk away happy!

BTW: Many of our fellow Scrum godfathers will be rolling in their graves when we use the terms Scrum and Hero in the same sentence. Let’s just say that he whole team will be heroes!