Scrum master certification practice test questions

A comprehensive set of mock exam questions as the final learning step before sitting your Scrum Master certification


  1. It provides an A to Z of Scrum and the role of the Scrum Master, 100% focused on the current version of the Scrum Guide,the definitive guide to Scrum. Anything else just isn’t Scrum!

  2. It will give you the understanding you need to help you attain a Certification in Scrum without paying out thousands of dollars

  3. A thorough review of the 3 roles, the 5 events and the 3 artifacts that are make up Scrum as per the Scrum guide

Scrum Master Online Training Course

Are you about to take your first Scrum Master certification exam, then this is the package for you.
Be under no illusion, exams like the PSM1 and CSM exam are not easy to pass. Even a person, currently in a Scrum Master role will need to prepare and study.
These mock exam questions are perfect for agile practitioners who want to have a complete and thorough grounding of the Scrum guide, the scrum body of knowledge
We recommend three stages to complete before taking your first Scrum Master exam
1) Take our accompanying Scrum Master certification preparation course
3) Take this practice test and make sure you understand all the questions and answers.
Important: Each question also has the corresponding Scrum Guide answer, to allow you to completely understand both the answer and the context.
There are 6 practice tests. I would recommend you take Test 1, then review your answers against the correct answers from the Scrum guide before moving onto the next. This is the key learning from each test. Not only is it a practice, but it also gives you the ability to revise the Scrum guide. In many ways, it is a second pass at reading the Scrum Guide.
It focuses on all aspects from Scrum history, definition, theory and Values and moving to deep dive into the the 3 Scrum roles, the 5 Scrum events and the 3 Scrum Artifacts.
We designed these mock exam questions to act as a core learning tool to utilise, before sitting your first scrum master qualifications. Our aim is that at the end of this course, you will be able to pass an exam like the professional Scrum master (PSM1) exam*
It is a new course developed in 2019 and specifically designed around the Scrum guide, the definitive Scrum body of knowledge. We present it in a way that helps you to fully understand Scrum and also, to give the information needed to pass certification exams based on the Scrum guide.
*This course is perfectly suited to those about to take their initial Scrum Master certification
Please note, we are not affiliated with Scrum dot org or the Scrum Alliance etc. No endorsement is made by either Jeff Sutherland, Ken Schwaber, or any of their related commercial entities. The original Scrum Guide is offered for license under the Attribution Share-Alike license of Creative Commons, accessible at http://creativecommons dot org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/legalcode and also described in summary form at /licenses/by-sa/4.0/.


  1. Perfect preparation course for students who are preparing to take their initial Scrum Master certification exams

  2. Scrum Masters and for agile practitioners who want to have a complete and thorough grounding of the Scrum guide, the scrum body of knowledge

  3. For any student who does not wish to spend a thousand plus of dollars to get up to speed in Scrum, then this is the course for you. NB: Though this course will help to prepare you for certification like the PSM1 from Scrum,org, it is not affiliated to this organisation