Agile Maturity Assessments

We offer a comprehensive spectrum of Agile maturity assessments that range from a high-level overview to in-depth evaluations. Regardless of the depth of review, our process follows the same structured path:

Step 1: Current State Assessment

We gauge your present delivery status through interviews, questionnaires, observational techniques, and review of existing practices.

Step 2: Agile Maturity Evaluation

Your product delivery process undergoes a thorough evaluation against 25+ Agile criteria. Here’s a glimpse of 10 criteria we employ:

– Leadership and governance

– Value analysis

– Product ownership

– Agile methods and tools

– Planning and estimation

– Metrics

– Continuous improvement

– Training

– Culture

– Workspace design

Step 3: Agile Maturity Plotting

We locate your current status within our Agile maturity model to give you a clear picture of your standing against our Agile tenets.

Step 4: Future State Outlining

We present a ‘TO BE’ model, clarifying the direction your team needs to take to reach its Agile objectives.

Step 5: Action Plan

A prioritized plan of next steps and actions is laid out to guide your journey towards these goals.

We suggest undertaking an Agile maturity assessment only if you have already embarked on your Agile journey. For those who are on their way and desire a clear understanding of their current position, we offer three unique packages:

1. ‘Short and Sweet’ – A rapid one-week assessment, including three days of direct engagement with your teams, providing a high-level analysis against our 30+ Agile criteria.

2. ‘Full Assessment’ – An exhaustive month-long analysis that offers a thorough understanding of your business’s standing on the Agile journey. We cover categories from Methods & Tools to Agile Leadership and propose a plan to escalate to the next level.

3. ‘To Assessment and Beyond’ – This package combines the Full Assessment with our ongoing support as you transition into the subsequent phase, ensuring you realize your Agile vision.