Agile Maturity Assessments

We provide a rage of agile maturity assessments which move from a light touch review to an in-depth review followed by

But the process we follow for each, remains the same

Step 1

AS IS Assessment of your current delivery state using interviews, questionnaires, observation and practices review

Step 2

We evaluate your As IS product delivery process to assess the agile maturity using 25+ agile criteria. Here’s an example of 10 of the criteria that we use:

  • Leadership and governance
  • Value analysis
  • Product ownership
  • Agile methods and tools
  • Planning and estimation
  • Metrics
  • Continuous improvement
  • Training
  • Culture
  • Work space design

Step 3

We plot your current state on our agile maturity model to understand where you are currently against our agile tenets

Step 4

We outline a TO BE model to help you understand where you need to go to achieve your goals

Step 5

We define a prioritised view of next steps and actions to achieve these.

There is no point in completing an agile maturity assessment unless you have already started on your journey. But if you have started, and you want to get a good understanding of where you are, we offer three packages

  • Short and sweet
    • A one week assessment, including three days on the ground with your teams, to understand, at a high level, where you sit against our 30+ agile criteria
  • Full Assessment
    • A one month, in-depth assessment of where your business sits on the agile journey. We will assess under categories from Methods & tools to Agile Leadership and provide our view on a plan for reaching the next level
  • To Assessment and Beyond
    • We will marry our Full Assessment package with our continued involvement as you move into the next stage to deliver on your agile viWe sion